PROCARB is a database of three-dimensional structures of protein-carbohydrate complexes. Both proteins and carbohydrates are the molecules of life that are found in all living organisms including bacteria, yeast, plants, animals, and in healthy as well as diseased states. Protein-carbohydrate interactions are involved in a broad range of biological processes viz., infection by invading microorganisms and the subsequent immune response, leukocyte trafficiking and infiltration, and tumor metastasis. Understanding the interaction of these molecules is crucial in many biological processes with implications to drug targetting and gene expression.

The PROCARB database contains a collection of experimentally determined 3D structures of diverse types of protein-carbohydrate complexes.
PROCARB core module is developed by systematicall locating protein-carbohydrate complexers in PDB and manual verification of existence and identification of carbohydrate ligand.
A protein is considered as a carbohydrate binding if any atom of its amino acid is with 3.5Å cut-off distance from any atom of the sugar in the protein-carbohydrate complex [Malik & Ahmad, 2007].
Each entry is manually annotated from diferrent databases and provides information about the complex, its ligands, function and literature reference. Several pre-computed structural and functional properties (secondary structure, solvent accessibility, hydrogen bonds) of complexes are also included in the database.